About Melissa

Melissa is a genus of perennial herb in the Lamiaceae, native to Europe and Asia but cultivated and naturalized in many other places. The name Melissa is derived from the Greek word mélissa meaning honey, owing to the abundance of nectar in the flowers. The stems are square, like most other plants in the mint family. The leaves are borne in opposite pairs on the stems, and are usually ovate or heart-shaped and emit a lemony scent when bruised. Axillary spikes of white or yellowish flowers appear in the summer. The most commonly grown species of this genus is Melissa officinalis, commonly known in the United States as lemon balm, and as balm in England.

This plant is mainly cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, rheumatism, used in skin, throat, ears, bronchitis and blood diseases, as well as neuralgia, head and tooth aches, festering wounds and ulcers, burns.

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